About Us

Tomatoresults is a place where you can find trusted, high-quality reviews about the different types of bicycles, their gears, accessories, and many related content about cycling in general.

We are a group of cyclists, mainly from Australia, who want to keep these bikes’ wheels rolling ‘round even for younger generations.

Our Goals

Through our blog and reviews, we hope that beginners will be able to pick a bike or a type of gear that best suits their needs. Also, intermediate or advanced riders will find a solution to the problem they are having with their bikes.

We also would love to hear the feedback from our readers. And Tomatoresults is an open community for that purpose as well.

Our Members

Mark Z. Oates, General Manager

Hey there, I am the general manager of Tomatoresults. Personally, I have been cycling professionally for over 5 years. I first learned how to bike when I was about 8 or 9. Cycling has been a great sport that helps me improve my personal health and well-being. Thanks to this sport, I have also made some very good friends, who then became my fellow riders. Thanks for being here & hitting the road with us. Cheers!

George P. Kelsey, Editor

Howdy, I am the editor of this blog. My main responsibility is to make sure the content is accurate, high-quality, and readable so that everyone who reads this blog will find it easy to understand and enjoy it. We often do product reviews that will help you make the best buying decision for your needs.

Also, we have comprehensive buyer’s and user’s guides to help you pick the most suitable models and maintain the bikes for a really long time at the lowest possible costs. I truly hope that you find something valuable and helpful on our blog. Cheers & enjoy your ride!

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