How do you use a hitch bike rack?

You are probably familiar with roof bike racks, but for large vehicles like SUVs, crossovers, vans, or trucks, installing a track there is not always possible.

One of the alternative solutions is hitch bike racks, which provides easier access due to the shorter distance to the ground. It means a reliable approach for attaching gear without taking up interior space of your car. As long as your car has a hitch receiver, you can use a hitch bike rack.

But do you know the preparation and steps needed to install it?

The information below will cover the benefits of hitch bike racks, when you could install one, and how to do it.

Benefits of hitch-mounted bike racks

The Retrospec Harper Bike

Hitch bike racks are an amazing product!

They can secure your bike behind the trunk safely, saving your car space to give you and your family or friends more comfort. A hitch rack won’t rub and scratch on the car frame and damage its paint.

They are usually heavier compared to other bike racks, which can cause some difficulties during the installation, but once entirely attached, they are incredibly stable.

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