What Are The Best Mountain Bikes For The Money

What Are The Best Mountain Bikes For The Money?

I like a good mountain bike as much as the next guy which means when shopping for the main exercise bike, many things get weighted up and if the quality and price tag seem to match instead of purely based on the frivolous value of branding, I would consider buying it. I think many consumers are in the same boat. It is a good analysis of the object’s value, I think. However, having said that, many people mistake good value with cheap value. There is a reason why these two objectives are not merged into one word. Good value means you get something at its intrinsic value. Intrinsic means you pay its true worth (or closest to the worth of an object) and what you purchased is of decent quality, instead of what the seller would like it to be valued. It is essential to establish upfront what the term, “best for the money” means. It means value, not cheap.

Perhaps back in 2018 and 2019 many of us still have the luxury to pay more than necessary for many goods but since the hit of the COVID-19 epidemic, one would be hard-pressed to disregard budget mountain bike. For a good budget bike, say around the range of 700-800 Dollars the following criteria should be considered so you can enjoy the ride, have a great experience.

The Caliber Two Cubed Mountain Bikes
The Caliber Two Cubed Mountain Bikes

Stick to hardtails and a rigid frame instead of opting for a full-suspension mountain bike you can get straight from the supermarkets no matter how tempting this option maybe. By making the choice of purchasing from a supermarket, you would most probably end up with a bad overall mountain bike because the manufacturer is now forcing so many functionalities into one by compromising on each part. Scaling down with the hardtail, manufacturers get the chance to focus on more important parts and sticking them onto the frame such as good tires, brakes, suspension fork, etc (you get the gist). The saying, “Nothing is for free”, applies quite well in this context. You cannot have everything without any compromises and it is the un-known compromise you need to watch out for.

How do you use a hitch bike rack?

You are probably familiar with roof bike racks, but for large vehicles like SUVs, crossovers, vans, or trucks, installing a track there is not always possible.

One of the alternative solutions is hitch bike racks, which provides easier access due to the shorter distance to the ground. It means a reliable approach for attaching gear without taking up interior space of your car. As long as your car has a hitch receiver, you can use a hitch bike rack.

But do you know the preparation and steps needed to install it?

The information below will cover the benefits of hitch bike racks, when you could install one, and how to do it.

Benefits of hitch-mounted bike racks

The Retrospec Harper Bike

Hitch bike racks are an amazing product!

They can secure your bike behind the trunk safely, saving your car space to give you and your family or friends more comfort. A hitch rack won’t rub and scratch on the car frame and damage its paint.

They are usually heavier compared to other bike racks, which can cause some difficulties during the installation, but once entirely attached, they are incredibly stable.

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